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The headhunting process Ex 4: Sample answer: (234words)

Dear Mr Jacobs

I am writing to apply to the position of Sales Adviser for the North East Region which was advertised in Herald International yesterday.

Although I am currently working in the Marketing Department of a large multinational, I would appreciate to work for a rapidly expanding young company such as yours.

As you can see from my enclosed CV, I obtained an honours degree in Sales and Marketing from Nottingham University in 1994. I thoroughly enjoyed the six months I spent in working in Boots plc as pert of the course. During this time I gained invaluable insights into the nature of sales. After leaving university I initially spent time working for a small local firm before finding my current job and I feel that I am more suited to the dynamics and varied demands of a smaller firm.

Not only has my experience familiarised me with the challenges faced by the industry today but, having been brought up in the north east, I know the region, its problems and its undoubted potential. As a result, I feel that I would be able to relate to your customers on both a professional and a personal level.

I am available for interview from 15 September and would be pleased to discuss my CV in more detail then,

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

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