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The EKIA way Ex 5: Sample answer: (226words)

Limitless Horizons, our travel agency and advisory service specializing in adventure holidays in remote locations, was founded in 1989 by Rob Davies. We do not arrange accommodation in well-known resorts, thus encouraging travellers to discover the real country they are visiting. We constantly seek out new adventure holidays which allow travellers to mix with local people rather than retreat to the beach or their hotel.

Although all our advice is impartial, it is influenced by certain core values:

Respect for local values and practices

Respect for individual needs and independence

Believe in the need to limit the environmental impact of our activities.

We believe that as privileged visitors to sometimes fragile environments, we should take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints.

Wherever possible, we encourage the use of small independent companies. We also insist on local guides and seek to house travellers in modest accommodation. Our clients can look forward to living the local culture and eating the local suicine; Limitless Horizons rejects the concept of Coca-Cola trek.

Our representatives are constantly travelling in order to update and check our information. These trips are funded solely by Limitless Horizons. We pay our way, accepting no hand-outs or free-flights, thus ensuring the only factors influencing our advice to you are your needs and those of the area you wish to visit.

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